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For a $1 a day, $30 monthly you become a member of our Dollar a Day Team and make an impactful difference in the lives of these and many more families to thrive as stated above, We provide charitable receipts and recognition options are available in many manners based on your desire

“Dollar a Day” TEAM


Our Service Animal Team are been the backbone of our successful therapy program.

They receive year-round exemplary care and training.

What does this mean?

  • Each horse is checked daily to ensure health & safety 
  • Feeding schedules are designed for the unique needs and healthy maintenance of each horse — and feed must be purchased and paid for!
  • Despite the continued need for therapeutic services for children and youth with special needs, each individual HORSE’S needs, mental and physical health are our priority 
  • This ensures that all our horses have a happy, healthy and productive life 
  • They receive ongoing training and exercise for their job in a gentle and supportive manner 
  • Just like people, horses sometimes have “off days”, and our highly trained and nationally certified instructors are very sensitive to recognize this and accommodate the situation


Our program has been affected due to the outbreak, especially fundraising,  but our Service Animal Team are a big concern — they still need all the care described above.

No one knows how long these challenging times will continue.

Throwing a few flakes of hay and filling a water trough is not enough!

WE NEED YOUR HELP to support the ongoing exemplary care of our Shining Horizons horses by our qualified staff. 

We realize these are very tough times for everyone and understand this is not the climate in which to be seeking fundraising dollars.

But, IF you are able to please consider assisting, please consider our Dollar A Day team.  — seems small, this will ensure our horses are healthy while we all struggle with the impact of this pandemic.

For our program participants, the horses have become a huge part of their lives. We want to be ready to welcome them back to this empowering program when we return to normal living once again.

Donations can be sent by Royal Bank Express Auto Payment, Canada Helps, PayPal, cheque, e- transfer.

In appreciation

The Shining Horizons’ Service Animal Team




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