horse riding therapy

At Shining Horizons We Love What We Do

We bring together youth with disabilities (both visible and not), trained therapeutic riding horses, and highly qualified trainers for a special experience for both the rider and their family. Horses are known for being sensitive creatures, in tune with their riders, and regular participation in our program allows for physical, social and emotional development.


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Why the name “Shining Horizons”?

Some of our riders must use a wheelchair, but once seated on a horse the rider’s elevated position literally broadens their horizon and opens up a whole new world for them.

Watch our video to learn about why we are so passionate about what we do.


Who We Are

Shining Horizons Therapeutic Riding Association (SHTRA) was established in 1996, and was born out of the need of a mother in Saint John, who was looking for an activity to enhance the life of her young child, who was born with cerebral palsy, for whom therapeutic riding was discovered to be the best activity.

What We Do

We offer a horseback riding program (equine therapy) to youth from St. Stephen to Sussex with, but not limited to, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and neuromuscular disorder as a source of enjoyment, therapeutic exercise, and recreational sport.

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